About us

You, I, and most of us use mostly two types of operating system in our computers. If we use a MacBook or iMac, we use the operating system developed by Apple. On the other hand, if we use computers or laptops from any other company, we use the Windows Operating System in our computers. As time is passing, more and more people are shifting to the most recent versions of Windows i.e. Windows 10. According to Microsoft, this will be the last operating system they will be developing and they will keep giving updates to this and keep making it up to date in accordance with the modern use.

So, if you are someone who uses Windows as the primary operating system, we would definitely recommend you to shift to Windows 10. But how would you do it? And how would you like to switch to Windows 10?

There is one way that you download the Windows 10 software from the Microsoft site and then buy the key to activate it officially. But those things cost money and most often, you might not want to spend that much extra money for having an operating system. There is another way following which you can download the software and use it without activating the system software.

Microsoft has told that it would keep giving updates to computers that do not have Windows activated. But there is a catch to it.

What do you think? Would a person who didn’t pay for something deserve to get the same amount of facilities as the person who spent 50 to 60 bucks for a service? The answer would definitely be- No. And the case here is the same too. Microsoft gives updates which are just to fix some glitches in your PC and protects you from new viruses that are being made every day. But they don’t unlock all the features as a premium user would get.

They let you use your computer but you might experience that you can’t do a lot of things. Besides, there is one thing that people who use it for free have to suffer. It is that irritating line “Your Windows is not activated” written on one side of the screen 24/7.

No matter what you do, you always have to suffer from this. So, to solve all these problems for you and to solve it for free, today we are going to discuss software that would activate your Windows system for free and let you enjoy browsing computer leaving the irritating line “Your Windows is not activated”

The software is called KMSpico. You might be wondering what kind of software is this.