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KMSpico Portable is a software used to activate Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 2016. This tool has been developed by Team Daz, who is known for contributing a lot in the field of Windows and Office activators.  The Daz Team’s main focus is to create software that allows its users to get free activation of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10 & Office as well.

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KMSpico is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. Moreover, itis now compatible with most Antivirus programs. So, now you can use it even if your Antivirus is activated. Some tools may still show you as a Virus so just turn it off.

No Internet​ Connection

You will be surprised to know that the KMSpico activation tool doesn’t require any internet to use. You can use the activator anytime, anywhere on any computer you want.

Computer Performance

This software does not take up any Ram, which means your computer performance will not be affected. Rather activated Windows gives better performance due to updates and optimization.

Multiple Language

KMSpico activator comes with different languages. So it won’t be very much difficult for you to use the activator if English is not your first language.

Those of you who have used Windows know that Windows comes with 30 days’ trial period and after that trial expires you will be required to buy a license key.

Without buying Windows you will be restricted to use some of the Windows features like changing themes, applying custom background, or receiving updates.

Moreover, the cost of activating Windows is pretty high. In this case, if you can’t afford the high price of the Win10 or other Windows Operating System, you need to have access to an activator to activate Windows for Free.

KMSpico Portable Features

If you want to download the software, first you need to know more about the features of Portable KMSpico. Below are some best features of KMSpico portable which everyone should know before downloading.

Lifetime Activation

You don’t need to activate the Windows & office again & again as this tool solves this issue as well. When you activate the Windows using this tool, you will get lifetime activation. That means you can forget about the tool after using it once.


The tool is free to download and it will remain free for the rest of life. If you find any website which asks you to pay, simply report the site and avoid using the site in the future. This tool was made to give advantage to people who are unable to bear the purchase cost of the Windows & Office product key.

No Installation

This is easily the best windows 10 activation tool feature of the software for those who think KMSpico as a virus or breach of privacy. Now, they can use the software without installing it in their machine.

Windows Support

KMSpico activator supports almost every Windows & it’s built in a way that no matter what Windows and build you are using it will activate them within a few clicks.

User Interface

The User Interface of this program clean, improved, and user-friendly compared to other versions. It is now even easier to operate.

Office Support

The tool supports all the versions of Office. It can activate Office 2007, MS Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 & even Office 365 as well.

Supports V. machine

The tool is supported by VMWare. That means if you are using Windows on your VMWare or any Virtual Machine software to run another OS, you can also activate The OS by using KMS activator.

Pros and Cons of KMSpico Portable

KMS activator is considered to be the best and contains many good features. Due to the features, it has gained a lot of popularity. Now, let us have a look into some pros and cons of the software:


  • Any office or Windows version can be activated like KMSpico Windows 10 pro activator and Windows 10 home activator as well as the windows 10 enterprise activator.
  • Guarantees lifetime activation.
  • Virus-free and clean software.
  • No installation required.


  • You need to deactivate some antivirus to use the software, which creates doubt in many people.
  • The software requires KMSpico password to extract which is easy to get but people get confused.

As you can clearly see there are hardly any cons of the software this makes it one of the most desirable software to activate Windows 10 or other versions.

Guides of KMSpico Portable

Team Daz is a group of people who are mainly known for developing tools. Their most used products are the windows activation tools. They are not limited to building only one activator like KMSpico or KMSpico portable. They have also builtKMSpico Office 2016, KMSpico Office 2013, KMSpico Office 2010, Windows 7 loader, KMSpico Windows 7, KMS auto, KMSNano, Windows 10 Loader, KMSpico windows 8, KMSpico windows 8.1, KMS activator Office and so-on. Now they are focusing on reducing the number of activators for all products. Instead of building separate activator like-KMSpico for windows 8 or KMSpico office 365, or KMSpico portable office 2016 or KMSpico portable windows 10, they are merging all in one.

They build Windows toolkit by using a loophole present in almost all versions of windows, which allows you to register a new key by deleting the license file. This way they have made activated Windows free for those who cannot afford the price. Their products are free, safe, and trusted by millions of people.

Windows Activation

Now you need to right-click on the KMSpico Portable icon and then click on ‘Run as Administrator.’ It will ask you for permission, just click on ‘Yes’.

The program will then run in the back-end and you will see and hear some voice notifications. Wait for a few seconds for the notification saying “Affirmative, Program Completed”.

Now you need to restart your computer and then you can simply right-click on My Computer > Properties & see the activation status. Congrats your Windows is now activated successfully. You can now enjoy all the benefits of Windows 10 without paying any cost.

Microsoft Office Activation

The activation process for Microsoft Office is also simple. The steps to activate Office 2016 with KMSpico Portable are a little bit different. You need to follow the below steps:

  • # First, open any product of Office like Word or the MS Excel and let it remain open as you go through the steps.
  • # After this, you need to right-click on the extracted icon of KMS activator for Microsoft Office and click on ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • # You will hear and see some voice notifications coming from the background and then you need to wait for a few seconds until you hear the same voice notification. That’s it. Office is now activated successfully.
  • # Finally, you need to restart the computer to enjoy the entire feature.
  • # After reboot, open any product of Office and then click on Account. In this section, you will see the activation status as activated.

Windows 10 or any other win OS and Office will be activated as long as you use the particular device. So, you can activate and forget about reactivating in the future.

The procedure of Downloading KMS Activator

If you use another antivirus like Norton or Avast etc., you can also turn them off from the software’s setting.

If you loved the features of this activator, then you are most likely curious about how KMSpico download process works. So, let’s have a look at KMSpico guide in which you will be informed on how you can use the tool to activate your Office & Windows as well.

To start KMS activator windows 10 free download, you need to go to the KMSpico official site and click on the ‘download KMSpico portable’ button in order to start KMSpico portable download. It will then ask you for the location where you want to save.

Choose the desktop or your desired location and click on Start. You will need to wait for sometimes until the dischargerKMSpico windows 10iscomplete.

After successful completion of the download of KMSpico Windows 10 Portable activator, you will notice it is archived in a zip file.

You need to extract the zip file using 7zip or any extractor.  If your Antivirus still deletes this, then first disable it.

In recent times people use Windows in-build antivirus more than the other. So, here is how to deactivate windows 10, 8.1, and 7antiviruses.

To disable Antivirus in Windows 10, you need to follow the below steps:
  1. # First, you need to search for the Microsoft Security Essentials icon in the taskbar and open it.
  2. # Now, on the left side, you will find the Home icon and you will need to click on it.
  3. # From there you need to click on ‘Virus & Threat Protection.’
  4. # Then you will have to go for Virus & Threat Protection settings option.
  5. # Finally, you need to turn off ‘Real-Time Protection’ and ‘Cloud-Delivered Protection’ and close the tab. The settings will save automatically.
To disable Antivirus in Windows 8.1 you need to follow the below steps:
  1. # First, you need to find and open windows defender.
  2. # From there you need to switch to the setting tab and click on administration.
  3. # In the right panel, you will see the ‘Turn on this app’ checkbox. Uncheck it to disable Windows Defender.
  4. # Now save the change and close the tab. Windows Defender will be disabled.
The steps you need to follow to disable Windows 7 Defender are:
  1. # you need to navigate to Windows Control Panel and click on ‘Windows Defender.’
  2. # Now, you need to select ‘Tools’ and then ‘option.’
  3. # Now, you will see uncheck the ‘Enable Real-Time Protection’ box and click on it.
  4. # Finally, you need to save and close the page. Your defender will disable.

Your Windows 10 antivirus is disabled until you reboot your computer or laptop. For Windows 8.1 and 7 you need to follow the same steps to enable the defender.

You can buy Microsoft products as a trial version for free. These trial versioned products allow you to use them for 30 days maximum. Sometimes these trial versioned products do not contain all the important features that will help in your work.

Again if some testing version products allow you to use all the essential features, you may not use the products anymore after the trial session is over.

Or you may use the products, but you will miss lots of premium features. You will need to buy an activation key in order to reuse the products with all the premium features. It will cost you a considerable amount of money.

You will find a lot of activators on the internet that claim to activate your products without any money and for the lifetime. But almost all these activators are fake. Even these activators may contain viruses and malware except for the KMSpico activator.

KMSpico activator is a Windows OS activator. It not only allows you to enjoy the premium features of Windows OS but also the premium features of other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office.

It allows you to activate different versions of Windows OS and Microsoft Office. You can have access to all the features of Microsoft products because it activates your products by adding them to the KMS server.

Getting access to all the premium features is enjoyable. Activating your Windows OS will enable you to do tasks even faster. You will get the best performance from your computer.

Activating your Windows OS will also help you in your computer security. Because, after activating your Windows OS, it activates the windows defender with all the premium features. You can also enjoy other features that are not available in trial versions.

Microsoft Office is a product that is used by a huge number of people every day. It has made our life so easy. We can now easily collect and store data and information, write anything, or create presentations using Microsoft Office. This Microsoft Office needs to be activated for use after the 30 days trial is over.

The activation of Windows OS or Microsoft Office both requires money. But using the KMSpico activator, you can easily activate these products. You don’t even need to do anything without downloading and running the software.

This activator works automatically. So, without any hard work or knowing much about software and technologies, you can easily activate your Windows OS or Microsoft Office. It activates your Microsoft products for a lifetime. You can use this software both as a KMSpico windows activator or KMSpico Microsoft Office activator.

Activating Microsoft products will unlock all the features of these products. Unlocking all the features is fun, actually. Now you can work more smoothly and in a furnished way. It will also provide you a sophisticated feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We, humans, are very curious and cautious. Before we use something we like to know full details and compare the product with other similar products to make sure we make the right decision. Some question that very often pops up is as follows:

Q1) Is it illegal to use KMSpico Portable?

The fact that is-this types of software are not authorized by the manufacturer. So, yes the software is illegal because the software allows piracy, which is illegal. Again, many people are using thisKMSpico office and KMSpico Win 10. In this situation, you can also use it without facing any issue.

Q2) Which is better? KMSpico, KMSNano, or KMSpico Portable?

In reality all 3 of them are the same thing with the different names and the functionality is also almost similar. While the KMSpicoand KMSNanorequire installation in PC, the Portable version doesn’t require you any installation. The portable gets the upper hand as it is the KMSpico latest version.

Q3) Can I activate Windows Server as well using the Windows activator?

Yes, with the help of this tool you can activate Windows Server. This version can activate Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2012 R2, etc.

Q4) Can I activate Windows 10 64 bit with this?

Yes, of course, it supports both the architectures, which are 32 bit and the 64-bit processor. You don’t need to have different software for each of the systems. That means you don’t have to download KMS activator windows 10 pro 64 bit and 32 bit separately.

If you are searching for the best activator for Windows Operating System and the Office, a great solution for you will be KMSpico Portable as the software works on the principle of Key Management Server developed by Microsoft.

Again, if you are searching for an activator that provides permanent activation, this software could be easily a great choice for you. Moreover, those who consider these activators as Virus can use it because it doesn’t require any type of installation.

There are even more benefits of this tool which you will understand as you use it yourself. So, if you are thinking of using an activator KMSpico portable is the way to go.

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