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Download Windows Loader The Best Windows 7 Activator [2020]

Windows Loader is a highly recommended Windows 7 activator that comes for free. You can use Windows Loader to activate Windows 10 without any money. Though it can activate other versions of Windows Operating Systems too, it is mainly used for activating Windows 7 for some of its special features. TeamDaz develops this activator.

It provides you a genuine activation that you can use for a lifetime. Besides, you won’t have to worry about your computer security as lots of people all over the world are using this activator to activate Windows 7 without any security issues. It can activate Windows 7 without any active internet connection too.

Key Features of Windows Loader ​

Let’s talk about some key features of Windows Loader. This discussion will help you to know why you will use Windows Loader to activate Windows 7. Let’s start:

Windows Loader is a cost-free activator to activate Windows 7. You will find hundreds of activator on the internet claiming those are free to use. But if you use those activators for some time, those will start to ask for money for further use. But, Windows Loader is truly a cost-free activator. ​

This Windows 7 activator by Daz will provide you genuine activation. If you use a cracked version or pirated version and Microsoft Corporation can catch you, you are sure to get banned from Microsoft Corporation. But using Windows Operating System with genuine activation will save you from this trouble.

You can use the activated version of Windows 7 for free if you use Windows Loader to activate Windows 7. If you use any random activator from the internet, you may have to reactivate your windows after a few months. It isn’t very pleasant at all to activate windows again and again after a few months. Windows Loader is here to solve this problem of yours.

Microsoft allows us to use a trial version of the Windows Operating System for approximately 30 days. You will have to activate Windows 7 after the 30-day limit is over. But if you find that the trial version works fine for you and you don’t want to activate your windows, you can do that too. Windows Loader has a trial restoration feature that will help you to reset the trial time of your operating system and give you some more days to use the trial version. ​

Windows Loader contains a custom key generator with it. If you don’t want to use the automatic activation process of the activator, you can use this feature. This key generator will give you a custom Windows 7 activation key, and you can use the key to activate Windows 7 There are some other features of Windows Loader too. The activator works on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectural built computers. You can use the activator without any active internet connection. It is so easy to use that you don’t need lots of knowledge about software or technology to activate your windows. Besides, this is most probably the safest activator you will find on the internet which provides you both genuine and lifetime activation. ​

But, the most interesting fact is you won’t find the feature of a custom key generator or trial restoration on any other free activators online. All these features together have made the activator so unique from the others. Aren’t these features interesting enough to grab your attention?

Windows Loader

The best way to activate windows using windows loader best free version, step by step full process of how to use windows loader for windows activator.

Windows 7 is by far maybe the most used and also the most favorite Windows OS to computer users. This operating system was launched and developed by Microsoft Corporation that was first released in 2009. But still, you will find people are using this operating system with great comfort. But there is a little problem while using this Windows Operating System.

Like any other operating system, you will have to activate Windows 7 with a Windows 7 activation key. It will cost you money to activate your Windows Operating System with a product key. We often see people are searching on the internet asking- “How to activate Windows 7 for free?” We are here to answer your question. We are going to introduce an activator to you that is mostly used for activating Windows 7.

How to Activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader

Now we will talk about the most important topic for which this article is written about. We will now give you some simple steps to follow. If you follow those steps accordingly, you will easily activate Windows 7 without any difficulties. Without talking any further, let’s talk about the procedure to activate Windows 7:

  1. You will have to download Windows 7 Loader by Daz from our website first to begin the activation procedure.How to Activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader
  2. After you download the activator on your computer, you need to disable your Windows Defender and anti-virus of your computer before you begin the installation process of the activator. Because this activator will have to change some internal settings while activating your Windows 7. This is very essential for completing the activation process. But your Windows Defender or anti-virus may find this procedure as an attack of virus and may not permit you to install the activator. You can be sure that this nothing like this. It is just a vital step for your Windows 7 activation process.

People all over the world are using this activator for a very long time, but none have ever complained about the safety and security issue against the activator. You don’t need to worry much. You can disable your anti-virus running the anti-virus software. We are showing you the steps to disable you Windows Defender on Windows 7:

  1. First, go to the ‘Start’ menu and search for ‘Windows Defender’ and open it.
  2. You will see a ‘Tool’ menu on the top of the ‘Windows Defender’ and open the menu.
  3. You will find ‘Options’ on the ‘Tool’ menu and click on it.
  4. You will find ‘Real-time Protection’ on the ‘Options menu. Go there, and you will see ‘Use Real-time Protection’ and untick to option to turn off the protection for a few moments.
  5. After you follow these steps, click ‘Save’ to continue your installation process.
  6. You will have to run the installation program of the activator from the folder where you have downloaded it. Its installation process is like any other basic software, so you can do it without any difficulties.
  7. After you install the activator, find the folder where you have installed it and run the activator from there.
  8. A new window will appear on your screen that is the Windows Loader activator window. This window all show all the information about your computer automatically.
  9. On the bottom of the window, you will find the ‘Install’ command. You have to click on that, and after a few moments of clicking that, you will see that your Windows 7 is activated automatically.

After the activation process restart your computer and  you can check your Windows activation on the ‘Properties’ option of ‘My computer.’


Windows Loader is helping you to activate Windows 7 is such an easy way that no other activator will do on the internet. You can enjoy all the features of this activator for free if you download it from our website. Don’t forget to grab your copy of the activator and activate Windows 7 to enjoy all the premium features for a lifetime without spending a single penny.

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