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KMS has a lot of versions & updates. Every time Windows launches a new Windows version, it has more improvements & features. This means you will require a more advanced tech to access them through any activator tool. That’s why KMS also comes up with better versions & activation tools so that we never miss out on the amazing new features of Windows & Office.

If you are a windows user or previously used windows you must have the knowledge that your windows come in with a 30 days’ trial period & after it expires you are locked with a very minimum number of features & can’t even utilize the operating system properly without activating it. You need to buy a license key to use the entire operating system. The same happens with your office suite as well.

If you do not activate the windows you will not be able to change themes, you will be unable to use a custom background, you will not receive any windows update. However, if you want to activate the windows the cost will very high. Exactly that’s where comes in the activators like KMSAuto Net.

All these activators were developed by Daz & he envisioned a world where people will be able to enjoy free services & will be able to utilize the power of technology at its fullest. That’s why Daz always came up with more advanced & improved versions. There are many more developers who relentlessly worked for developing this amazing activator.

It is very difficult for most of people to bear the expense of a paid windows operating system or office suite. This is where the KMSAuto net comes in. You can use the full power of the Windows operating system by fully activating the OS &you can also fully activate the Microsoft office suite. This enables you to spend zero amount and enjoy everything you want to. Having the activators certainly makes our life easier, simpler & better every day.

Download KMSAuto Net & Using

From 5 step you can download the kmsauto net software for activating windows operating systen.

  • Step1: Click here to download kmsauto net.
  • Step2: Open the zip files of kmsauto net.
  • Step3: Unzip the zip file of kmsauto net.
  • Step4: Open the setup files of kmsauto net.
  • Step5: Now click to activate windows button.
Password is:

KMSAuto Net Features

Some exciting features of KMSpico are sure to attract you to use it as a Microsoft product activator. Here we will take a look at some key features of this activator.


KMSAuto net is totally free to use software for everyone. This was built with the purpose of making windows available for everyone that too with zero cost. If you ever see someone is selling KMSAuto net or any other activator of KMS then be aware & confront that fraud. This software is available online & you can use it just by simply downloading it. It requires zero cost.


If you use KMSAuto net 2020 or any other version of the KMSAuto net family, you will get lifetime activation. There are several activation tools for different operating system of windows. For instance, you can use KMSAuto net portable or KMSAuto lite for activating windows 10, 8.1 or 7. You just need to activate your windows once & then enjoy for the rest of your life. As KMSAuto net uses KMS server modification, it can permanently keep your windows activated. Unless your Server file gets deleted or OS crashes it will never get deactivated. So, you know which one is the best activator for you.


If you use the KMSAuto net activator you will get updates of all the windows. Microsoft uses a different system & service to offer updates, it is always open. The activators never block the flow of updates. If you update your windows it will not destroy your activation either. You will always get activated & updated windows at the same time just by using the KMSAuto net or KMSAutonet portable only once in your life. This is the coolest thing ever you can get on any software.


Most of the activators somewhat have an impact on the system and create some unwanted situation for your PC to operate properly.

But you are lucky that you will not have to suffer this unwanted& annoying issue with KMSAuto net or KMSAuto lite or even the KMSauto portable. You can easily work & activate your windows & office with the KMS auto net.


It requires only 1 click to activate your windows with the help of the KMSAuto Net.

You are free from the hassle of finding the license key in the online world. The KMSAuto net will do the job for you and make sure that you can activate the entire windows OS in just one single click.


TeamDaz has made sure that you can use the activators easily and smoothly without any kind of obstacle they created the activation process to be available offline.

This means you will not require any internet connectivity to perform the activation process at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of KMSAuto Net


  1. This is totally free. You do not have to spend a single dime.
  2. The easiest thing to use on earth. It requires a very little amount of time
  3. You can activate both windows & office with the same activator
  4. It supports both the systems be it 34 bit or 64 bit
  5. You will not require any kind of internet connectivity
  6. You can remove the software after activation, it will not affect your activated windows or office
  7. It is trusted & virus free
  8. We’ve talked about the advantages of the product. It is normal to have some disadvantages to any software.


  1. Windows defender & some other antiviruses detect this software as malware or virus. Fear not it is not a virus. You just need to disable the antivirus & deactivate the windows defender to run the software
  2. The KMS Auto net is blacklisted by Microsoft
  3. Now let’s dive in to learn about the KMS Office 2016.

This is very essential for your computer & for yourself to smoothly use the entire office suite. You will require this

What is KMSAuto Net?

KMSAuto Net is also a part of that update. It is one of the easiest to use & accessible activation tool. It has the highest amount of features & activity plugins.KMSAuto Net has various versions for the windows & office both. For instance, KMSAuto Net 2020 which is the most recent and popular for windows operating system activator, then there is KMS office 2016, KMS windows 10, KMS Auto-lite portable, and many more. You will get tired of counting the version but the array will never stop. Here we just mentioned very few most recent & most used versions of KMS Auto activators.

  1. Now we will be gradually sharing several types of KMS Auto activators information for your convenience & knowledge flourishing purpose.
  2. Before going deeper let’s learn about some important reasons on “Why you must use KMS Auto?”
  3. As we previously mentioned both Microsoft windows& office come with a 30 days’ trial & this single reason cultivated the idea of developing activators that can easily activate the widows without paying any huge load of money.
  4. If you want all the features to be made available, you have to buy the license and certainly, it has a great cost. However, if you purchase it once you can enjoy all the features & options for the rest of your life. That’s the best thing about Windows. But, paying a huge amount is not a good idea. So, what would be your next step?
  5. Undoubtedly KMS Auto net is your only solution. Be it windows or be its office suite, you can easily activate everything in a minute with this amazing solution.
  6. After activating your windows or office with KMS Auto net 2020 or KMS Auto office 2016 or any other version you can enjoy all the features of your windows.
  7. Let us take a look at some of the pros & cons of the KMS Auto net

How to download KMSAuto Net?

This activator uses a particular type of principle method by creating a virtual server on a PC. The real developer site gets substituted after activating the software. If the virtual server gets deleted from your PC, it simply implies that activation also ends. The chances of happening something like this is very rare, even if something like this happens then it is advised to re-activate your software once again.

To download the KMSAuto Net follow the steps below –

  1. Download the KMSAuto net activator
  2. Unzip the downloaded file by using the password. We have a detailed section on password on this article, keep reading you will find it.
  3. After you are done with extracting, run the file as administrator
  4. Then open the file and click on the Activation button, after that you will get the Activate Windows option simply click on that
  5. Do reboot your PC after you are done with the activation

How does KMSAuto Net Work?

There are several phases that the KMSAuto follows to work in a processed manner. Let’s check all these phases and understand the working flow of the activator

1. KMS Server Emulation

Microsoft us using a built in service which is known as key management service that helps in activating the software. These services connect with KMS every time you start you PC, they check the validity of your activation period and that’s how they know if your windows is activated or not. That’s how every time your windows gets detected & deactivated if not registered. That’s why the KMSAuto developers have developed some emulated fake servers instead of the original one so that the server cannot detect you’re your validity and deactivate your windows again. The emulated servers mimic the actual server & license authentication process. It is the inception of toying around with the licensing system of Microsoft.

2. Mimicking the advantage test of Windows Genuine

The KMSAuto net also mimics the total process of windows genuine activation and that’s why it gives you the enormous advantage of getting ahead of time & game. To mimic the actual genuine activation process the KMSAuto bypasses the activation server.

3. Preventive Modification of KMS Server

When you use the KMS you must deactivate windows defender & the antivirus. As soon as you reactivate your antivirus they immediately try to recover everything and the modified files of the KMS back to its original form. This process must be avoided to keep your windows activated & running. That is why the KMSAuto net uses an exclusion list where all the server files are added so that antivirus software cannot detect or access them at all. This keeps the windows activated & running.

How Uninstall KMSAuto from Your Computer?

You may want to uninstall the KMSpico activator from your computer after activating your Microsoft products. It does not do any harm to your computer, and it is also a small software that doesn’t take much storage space. You can keep it in your computer easily. But if you are determined to uninstall it, you can do so.

For uninstalling the KMSpico activator from your computer follow some simple steps:

  1. On the search bar of the ‘Start’ option, search for ‘Control Panel.’
  2. Go to ‘Control Panel’ where you will find another option ‘Uninstall a Program.’ Click on that.
  3. A new windows tab will appear on your screen, where you will find all the software installed on your computer. Find the KMSpico activator from the list.
  4. After you find the KMSpico activator on the list, select the activator and click on the right mouse button.
  5. You will find an option named ‘Uninstall.’ Click that option, and you can easily uninstall the KMSpico activator from your computer.

Forgoing to the program uninstalling menu easily, click the ‘Windows’ button and ‘R’ button of your keyboard together. You will find run command. Type ‘Appwiz.cpl’ there and click okay. You will find the uninstalling program menu.

How to Turn off your computer antivirus?

If you want to enjoy your activator’s full potential & activate your office &windows, then you have to deactivate all the antivirus & windows defender. Here are some antivirus software disabling techniques for you.

1. Windows Defender

Type Windows Defender on your search bar and click on the “windows defender settings”. Now from this page you can switch off both the real-time protection & the network firewall. You need not to worry about them at all. After you activate your windows you can turn your windows defender on after you activate your windows with KMSAuto net. This will not harm your PC or your activated widow.


To deactivate ESET first go to the taskbar & right-click on the ESET icon, there you will find the ‘Pause Protection’ option. It will ask you to choose a timeline for how long you want to turn it off, choose your preferred time. Make sure you put long enough span so that you can get enough time to activate your windows & office with the KMSAuto Net 2020 or any other KMSAuto Net

3. Kaspersky

To install the KMSAuto net you have to deactivate this powerful antivirus. To do so, open Kaspersky, then go to settings after that find Additional, and now just turn off the Self Defense button. Then confirm your action & done it. Now you are ready to go.

4. BitDefender

Open the antivirus, then on the main window, you will find the protection option, click on that then find ‘view features’ and click on it. On the next page, you will find self-defense & web firewall. Turn both of them off. Now go & use the KMSAuto net to activate your windows.

5. Avast

Go to taskbar & double click on the Avast icon to open the control center. Find the protection option. Click on it & on the very next page you will find 2 options, File shield & behavior shield. Turn both of these options off. Now you are good to go for activating your windows using the KMSAuto net 2020 or any other version or KMSAuto net.

KMSAuto Net Password

As per team Daz, there are several passwords and they have been using 123, 1234 & 12345 as the password for a few years. However, with the recent development of KMSAuto net 2020 & other KMSAuto net activators team Daz has developed a new password for the activator to be accessed. The most recent password is It will work on your KMSAuto net activator. If it’s not working, then download the latest version of the KMSAuto net or search for a password and download it now. The best option is to download the latest version of KMSAuto net.

A lot of us are confused about KMSAuto& KMSPico. Both of these are of the same origin. However, there are some differences as well. Let’s find out more about their differences.

Our password is:

Method of Activation Redirected Hostfile DDL Injection
Modification of Hostfile NoYes
System Support Windows 7 & versions after that Windows Vista+
Office Activation Almost all version Almost all versions
Offline Activation Latest versions All versions
Open source Full open source Partially open source

There are so many users who prefer to uninstall the KMSAuto net after activating the windows or they want to use another activator. So, in these circumstances the process you must follow to uninstall your activator is as follows-How to Uninstall KMSAuto net?

  1. Click on the search bar of your taskbar and search for “Add or Remove Programs” then open it
  2. Find out KMSAuto from the list & click on it
  3. The uninstall button will appear, now just click on the button and accept the next steps
  4. Now confirm your action if asked and the entire software will be uninstalled from your computer
  5. Now restart your PC

Finally, we would love to request you to use the KMSAuto net and use the full potential of this amazing activator. Now, in 2020, everyone is using the latest version of windows & office. This means KMSAuto net is the best option for you to activate your OS as well.

Supported Versions​​ of KMSAuto Net


Using any sort of activator is one of the most reliable & best ways to get the license key for free. It works more like the universal authority that enables you to use all the latest versions of Office & windows. However, these are some system requirements that support KMS Auto net 2020 activator.

Operating SystemOfficeServer OSActivator
Windows 7

Enterprise pro

Office 2016/project/VisioWindows Server 2008 R2 all versionKMSAuto Net 2020, KMS Activator Windows 7,  KMSAuto office 2016
Windows 8.1 EnterpriseOffice 13/ Project/
Win server 12 (All
KMS windows 8.1, KMSAuto
portable, KMSAuto net 2020
Windows 8.1 proOffice 10/ Project/ VisioWindows Server 16KMS Auto Lite potable,
KMSAuto windows 8.1
Windows 10 pro enterpriseактивация windows 10,
активаторвиндовс 10,
kms activator windows 10,
скачатьактиватор windows 10
Windows Vista Business & Enterprisekmsauto lite portable,

KMSAuto net

Some extra features are always an add up in the process of installing & using the activators.

  • The 4 Package Net framework must be installed
  • Administrator privileges must be owned by you
  • A minimum of 5 MB hard disc space is a must

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