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Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest technology companies in the world. This organization is mainly famous for two of its products-Windows OS and Microsoft Office. Windows OS is the most used operating system used by computer users. Microsoft Office has approximately 1.2 billion users. You can easily tell how popular these Microsoft products are. But these products are not free to use. You need to pay for using these Microsoft products with all their premium features. That is where Microsoft Toolkit is playing an important role in saving your money.

Microsoft Toolkit is the latest and best software to activate your Microsoft products without spending a single penny. It can be said as an alternative of the KMSpico, but with a lot more features in it. Using the Microsoft Toolkit, you can easily activate almost all Microsoft products. Activating Microsoft products will allow you to use them with all the premium features. It allows you to activate all versions of Windows OS, Microsoft Office, and other Microsoft products. It is harmless and free from viruses and malware. A large number of people use this as an activator for their Microsoft products with full trust.

NameMicrosoft Toolkit by Mr Spico
CompatibilityAll Windows Operating System
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Key Features of Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit comes with a lot of exciting features. You can be sure that after learning details about these features, you cannot avoid yourself from using the Microsoft Toolkit windows activator. Let’s talk about some of the features that Microsoft Toolkit contains:

1. 100% Safe to Use: We know that there is a lot of Microsoft product activators online. But most of those contain viruses, malware, and other potentially harmful files with them. Using those activators has a risk on your computer. Those can be dangerous and also create a question about your computer security. But there is nothing to think about when you are using Microsoft Toolkit. It is maybe the safest activator that you will find on the internet for your Microsoft products. If you are downloading the activator from a trusted website, then you have nothing to worry about.

2. Dual Activator: Microsoft Toolkit works as a dual activator for your Microsoft products.

You don’t need to download it separate versions for activating your Windows OS and Microsoft Office. It can activate both of the Microsoft products easily.

3. Offline Activator: Recent versions of Microsoft Toolkit allow you to activate your products without any internet connection. That means you can use it on any computer in any place even if you don’t have a stable internet connection. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 and Microsoft Toolkit 2.5 series can activate your Windows OS or Microsoft Office without an internet connection.

4. Lifetime Activator: It would be so annoying if you have to reactivate your Microsoft product after using it for a while. Most of the Microsoft product activators online work in a process that you need to activate your Microsoft products again after a while. For solving this problem, Microsoft Toolkit has come up with a solution. You can activate your products for a lifetime using Microsoft Toolkit. Once you have activated your Microsoft products using Microsoft Toolkit, you don’t need to activate those products again after some time that you need to do when using other activators.

5. Genuine Activation: We know that Microsoft Toolkit connects your Microsoft products with the KMS server. Connecting with the KMS server will activate your Microsoft products with a genuine activation key. You have nothing to worry about getting banned from Microsoft as your products are activated using a valid product activation key.


6. Free Activator: There are lots of activators on the internet for Microsoft products. Most of the activators on the internet will offer you a free activation for your Windows OS or Microsoft Office. But after using those products for a while, those will ask for money from you. Even the products you activated using those activators may not work until you pay something for using those activators.

But there is no chance that Microsoft Toolkit is going to ask for money from you. People all over the world are using it for a long time, but none ever complained about it for asking

money to use the activator. It is the best free activator you will find for your Microsoft products on the internet.

These are the key features that you will find in the Microsoft Toolkit activator. These features are so exciting and also essential for your Microsoft product activation.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Toolkit can activate almost all the products with all versions. For clearing your confusion about which products it can activate, we are providing you with a list of the products.

Windows Operating SystemMicrosoft OfficeOther Microsoft Products
Windows 10 all editionsMicrosoft Office 365Microsoft Windows Server 2008 all versions
Windows 8.1 all editionsMicrosoft Office 2016Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (R2) all versions
Windows 8 all editionsMicrosoft Office 2013Microsoft Windows Server 2012 all versions
Windows 7 all editionsMicrosoft Office 2010Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (R2) all versions
Windows XP all editionsMicrosoft Office 2007Microsoft Windows 10 Server
Windows Vista all editionsMicrosoft Office 2003

These are the products that Microsoft Toolkit can activate. These are also products that are generally used by common people. Pretty sure that you have found your products in this list of supported products.

Why should You Use Microsoft Toolkit?

  • As a computer user, using an operating system is a must for you. You can’t run your computer without any operating system. There is a big chance for you to use Windows OS as your operating system because Windows OS is the highest used operating system used by computer users in the world. You may use Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. Whatever Windows OS you use, every operating system has its own unique features and characteristics. If you are not using a fully activated Windows OS, you won’t be able to use these special features.
  • For your daily work, you may use Microsoft Office. Microsoft office is a tool that contains different types of software that help us in writing, creating presentations, collecting data and information, and store them in an arranged way. People from all over the world use Microsoft Office for their official work.  Microsoft Office will offer you a 30 days trial for free. After the trial is over, you can not use Microsoft Office anymore until you activate it.
  • Activating your Microsoft Office or Windows OS, both require money. You need to spend money to use these Microsoft products with all the premium features. But when you are using Microsoft Toolkit, you can activate these Microsoft products without any money. This Windows OS activator allows you to activate your Windows OS as well as other Microsoft products for free. All you have to do is to download and run the software. Because Microsoft Toolkit is a software that works automatically. When you run the software, it will automatically complete the activation process of your Microsoft products.
  • Microsoft Toolkit will help you to activate your Windows OS and Microsoft Office for a lifetime. You don’t need to activate your Microsoft products again after some months. Activating these products will give you a chance to use all the premium features. These premium features will help you to work with comfort. It will improve your user experience and performance. It will activate your pirated or cracked copy of Microsoft products, so there is no fear of getting banned from windows. This activator does not violet any rules of Microsoft, and that is why using this activator is legal. Also, this Microsoft product activator is free from any virus and malware that ensures security.

How does Microsoft Toolkit Work?

If you ever heard of KMSpico activator, a KMS server activation tool that also used as a Microsoft product activator.

Microsoft Toolkit activator works as the same as the KMSpico.

It also connects your Microsoft products with the KMS server and activates your product with a genuine activation key.

Microsoft works with lots of small and large companies. These companies use Windows OS and Microsoft Office from Microsoft Corporation for their employees. They need to activate these Microsoft products with different activation keys.

For doing this work easily, Microsoft has taken an initiative to connect these products with the KMS server. Connecting with the KMS server provides these products with a volume key, and the whole system gets activated together.

When you are using Microsoft Toolkit activator, it connects your Microsoft product with the KMS server and activates your products with a genuine volume key. As your product is now linked with the KMS server, Microsoft will find your product as a legit activated product. You can easily convert your pirated or cracked Microsoft products into activated Microsoft products.

What does Microsoft Toolkit Do?

We have mentioned before that Microsoft Toolkit as an activator that activates almost all products from Microsoft Corporation. You can use trial versions of Microsoft products without any money. But for using activated versions, you need to pay for them. Trial versions do not last long. You can have a maximum of 30 days for trial. But after the trial is over, you have to activate your Microsoft products. Without activating Microsoft products, you cannot use all the premium features. Even sometimes, the trial versions do not contain all the premium features. You may use a pirated version or cracked version of your Microsoft products, but if Microsoft Corporation can catch you, your Windows OS will be banned by Microsoft.

Microsoft Toolkit will help you to activate your Windows OS as well as your Microsoft Office for free. It activates your Microsoft products that enable you to use all the features of your Microsoft products without paying for any activation key. It can activate different versions of Windows OS and Microsoft Office.

You will find a lot of Microsoft product activators on the internet which will show you a lot of offers and features. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of those software’s are fake and don’t work at all. Even some software will ask for money from you after using those for a while. Some activators will ask you to activate your Microsoft products again after a few months of your previous activation. Microsoft Toolkit has brought a solution to all these problems. It is a free Windows activator and Microsoft Office activator that will activate your Microsoft products for a lifetime.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Toolkit


Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Toolkit will help you to decide if you will use it or not. First, we will discuss some advantages of Microsoft Toolkit. Let’s start:


  1. Microsoft Toolkit is user-friendly software. You can activate your Windows OS and Microsoft Office without facing many difficulties. You don’t need to have a huge knowledge of technologies and software for using it. Having some basic knowledge will do the work for you.
  2. Microsoft Toolkit activates your Microsoft products with a valid product activation key. That means you are getting a genuine product rather than a cracked or a pirated version of the product.
  3. It can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So you can now use this activator on any computer you want to activate any Microsoft products.
  4. Microsoft Toolkit is a legit activator you will find on the internet that will never ask for money from you. It is a forever free activator. Other activators available online will ask for money from you after using them for some days, but Microsoft Toolkit won’t.
  5. Using any random Microsoft product activator from the internet will lead to reactivate your Microsoft products after 4 or 6 months. But using Microsoft Toolkit will let you avoid this continuous activation trouble. Because it activates your Microsoft products for a lifetime.
  6. Microsoft Toolkit is a virus-free activator. Most of the activators contain malware or Trojans, but Microsoft Toolkit is a 100% virus-free software. So there is nothing to worry about your computer security.
  7. The activator doesn’t take much space. It will take the minimum amount of storage space possible.
  8. Microsoft Toolkit works, maintaining all the rules of Microsoft Corporation. As it doesn’t violet any rules of Microsoft Corporation, it is 100% legal to use.

These are the main advantages that attract people easily. Comparing with these advantages, you will find there are only a few easily avoidable disadvantages. Now, let’s discuss the disadvantages.


  1. Sometimes it may not work due to technical difficulties. You should have .Net Framework 3.5 or above versions to work Microsoft Toolkit activator properly. Check out the list of supported versions of Microsoft products given above. If you are trying to activate these products and have .Net Framework 3.5 or above versions, you should not face any difficulties.
  2. You will have to disable your antivirus before installing the Microsoft Toolkit activator. But you don’t need to worry about it. Microsoft Toolkit is 100% virus-free. But make sure you are downloading your Microsoft Toolkit from a trusted website. Downloading from an untrusted website may add some Trojans or malware with your Microsoft Toolkit file. Downloading your Microsoft Toolkit activator from a trusted website will help you to avoid this disadvantage.

You can clearly find that these disadvantages are so easily avoidable. So let’s not think a lot about these disadvantages.

How to Activate Windows OS Using Microsoft Toolkit?

You are clear about the features and advantages of Microsoft Toolkit. You also know the reasons why you should use Microsoft Toolkit. Now let’s talk about the most important part of the whole writing, and that is the activation process of your Windows OS using Microsoft Toolkit. Actually, it is a very simple process. I am sharing a step by step guideline for you so that you can easily

activate your Windows OS.

  1. First of all, disable your antivirus for some moments. Microsoft Toolkit has to change some internal settings of your computer for activating your windows. Some antiviruses won’t let you run the software for its ability to change internal settings. So you need to disable your antivirus and windows defender first.
  2. Download Microsoft Toolkit from our website.
  3. Install Microsoft Toolkit like any other simple software.
  4. Run Microsoft Toolkit from the start menu or from the file where you have installed it.
  5. On the bottom of the Microsoft Toolkit activator, you will find a Windows sign. Click on that sign.
  6. You will find a new window with many options. Find ‘EZ Activator’ there and click on that option.
  7. After some moments, you will see a message saying that your Windows OS is activated.

This is how you can activate your Windows OS simply by following some simple steps using Microsoft Toolkit.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Using Microsoft Toolkit?

The activation process for your Microsoft Office is almost the same as the activation process of Windows OS using the Microsoft Toolkit. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Run the Microsoft Toolkit activator.
  2. You will find a Microsoft Office logo at the bottom of the Microsoft Toolkit activator. Click on the Microsoft Office logo.
  3. New windows will appear containing lots of options. You will find ‘EZ Activator’ there. Click on that option.
  4. After a few seconds, there will be a message saying that your Microsoft Office is activated.

See, how easily you can activate your Microsoft products using Microsoft Toolkit!

How to Remove Microsoft Toolkit from Your Computer?

Microsoft Toolkit activator is a harmless software. It takes a little space only. You can keep it on your computer after activating your Microsoft products without any hazard. But if you really want to remove it from your computer, follow the steps below:

  • Press the‘ Windows’ button and ‘R’ button of your keyboard at a time.
  • You will find the ‘Run’ window.
  • Type ‘Appwiz.cpl’ on the text box and click ‘OK.’
  • Again you will find a new window that is the program uninstalling menu. In this menu find ‘Microsoft Toolkit.’
  • Click the right button of your mouse on the ‘Microsoft Toolkit’ and click ‘Uninstall.’

Following these simple steps, you can remove Microsoft Toolkit from your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have discussed almost all the information about Microsoft Toolkit in detail. But you may have some confusion regarding some issues.

We are answering some frequently asked questions in this section to clear your confusion regarding those issues.

  1. Can I uninstall Microsoft Toolkit from my computer after activating my Microsoft products?

– Yes, you can. It won’t affect your product activation. To uninstall Microsoft Toolkit from your computer follow the steps mentioned above.

  1. Can I enable my antivirus after product activation?

– Of course, you can! You are disabling the antivirus for just a few moments so that the activation process doesn’t get interrupted. After the activation process, you can use your antivirus as before you applied.

  1. I have changed my Windows OS after activating it. Should I activate it again?

­– Yes. You have to activate your Windows OS and other Microsoft products again. When you have installed a new Windows OS, it has erased all the previous data and information, including your product activation key. So, you need to activate your Windows OS again following the steps above after installing a new Windows OS for your computer.

  1. Does it require any kind of personal information to use Microsoft Toolkit?

– No. Microsoft Toolkit has nothing to do with your personal information and data. You can be sure about that. It just activates your Microsoft products. People all around the world are using Microsoft Toolkit, but none have ever complained something regarding this issue against Microsoft Toolkit. Collecting and using information without notifying any user is illegal. Microsoft Toolkit follows this rule strictly.

  1. After activating my Windows OS, there is still a watermark ‘Your Windows Is Not Genuine’ or ‘Activate Windows’ What should I do?

– Relax! It is just a simple technical issue. You can get rid of these watermarks quickly. Restart your computer, and after that, you will find no watermark like ‘Your Windows is Not Genuine’ or ‘Activate Windows.’


All the discussions above show us that Microsoft Toolkit is by far the best free Microsoft product activator for a lifetime. You can use it both as a Windows Operating System activator and a Microsoft Office activator. Besides, it activates almost all the versions of Windows OS and Microsoft Office, including all editions.

Activating your Microsoft products will improve your work experience. It allows you to use all the features of those products. Using all the features increases the chances of your work to be more nice and smooth. You can enjoy a feel of sophistication while using an activated product.

It is free of cost, for a lifetime, legal, genuine, and safe. You are having all the required packages together in a single software.

Don’t miss your chance. Download the Microsoft Toolkit for activating your Microsoft products and enjoy all the features within a concise time for free for the rest of your life and best windows 10 software download name kmspico.

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